Kitestrings secure password sharing for financial services

Your clients put their trust in you to make the best, most professional decisions and recommendations to steer their financial future. Why should their online security be any different? As a financial services professional, you may not think this affects you, but if you access client accounts online, chances are you need to share passwords to those accounts. And if you share passwords, you need to do it securely.

So, start thinking about client data security with the same professional, ethical consideration you do in every other part of your business.

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Ethical Responsibility

As a financial services professional or organization, you have an ethical responsibility to maintain the highest standards to protect the privacy of your clients’ data. And when we say your clients’ data, we also mean their customers’ data. Most, if not all, financial services professional organizations have a code of conduct that makes this a requirement.

The problem is, what many people think is secure isn’t. Putting any password in an unencrypted email is not secure. Sending a password to a client by text, SMS, or social media messenger is not secure. Keeping a “little black book” of passwords is not secure, and neither is putting all of your passwords in a non-encrypted spreadsheet on your company intranet. You stopped sending credit card numbers in emails, so stop emailing passwords.

In a world where it is becoming clearer every day how globally susceptible we are to hacking, it is time for all professionals to reframe our understanding of online security and, well, get with the times.

It works for your Team

Do you work with multiple clients and team members? Kitestrings gives each owner of each account the power to manage users’ access to their passwords. So, when people leave your firm, or when new people join, you have the power to invite, revoke, or temporarily suspend an individual’s access to passwords.

It works for your Clients

Just because you and the rest of your firm have adopted this new, secure procedure into your workflow, how do you know your clients will too? Because you’ll teach them.

You’re the professional. You’re the expert. A big part of your profession is educating clients on the best practices of your industry. We’ve made securing password easy and free for your clients. You can do the rest. We believe in you.

Security is a selling feature

In 2017, online security is at the top of everyone’s mind. We are all afraid. We have seen email and password hacking change the course of national elections and expose the personal data of millions of people. 2017 will be the year online security reached the mass consciousness…are you ready for it?

It’s time to start making security part of your competitive edge. And you start by telling clients and prospects what you already know: security is more important than ever, and most people are doing it wrong.

Pro Tip #1

Does sorting all of your passwords seem like an impossible task? Just do it like a Kitestrings pro: one account at a time. Keep a tab with Kitestrings open in your browser. Every time you need to log into an account, record the login info in the Secure Password System. You’ll be surprised at how quickly everything gets sorted.

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Kitestrings completely changed how we handle client passwords. Being early adopters of the beta made us realize how fully it became part of our workflow - occasionally when Kitestrings was offline for upgrades we were forced to go back to our old systems to track down client logins, and it was painful.

Anita Merk, Flyleaf Creative

Hey just wanted to let you know - the one thing that actually worked well while I was on vacation the past week was Kitestrings. It was so nice to have the passwords and access for the different companies I work with. Much faster and easier to use than my excel spreadsheet! Kitestrings made part of my having to work while on the holiday a bit easier to swallow.

Sherri-Lee Mathers, Certified Professional Bookkeeper

We have a dozen staff and 3 agencies who need varying degrees of access to 8 different web properties. Onboarding new staff was challenging, and remembering to change passwords when old staff left simply didn't happen. Kitestrings has helped us organize all of that. We're still not great at it, but at least now we know how to do it right!

Antonio Aiello, Content Director and Web Editor, PEN America