Kitestrings for Agencies Case Study: Flyleaf Creative

Medium Rare Interactive and Flyleaf Creative have been making websites together since 2002. Dozens of shared clients later keeping track of everyone’s login data was a challenge.

The workflow we have developed is to bundle Kitestrings into our project costs and provide it to the client as a benefit of working with us. It’s a minimal expense that saves us time over the course of a project, and gives the client peace of mind knowing that their information is being stored securely and not being sent via unencrypted email.
–Anita Merk, Principal, Flyleaf Creative

When the project manager starts a new project the first thing they do is create a new folder in Kitestrings to collect the needed information. Sharing is enabled on the folder, and the client is invited to collaborate.

Kitestrings is now part of our onboarding process with our clients. We find that once the client understands why we’re using Kitestrings, they’re very grateful that we’re protecting their information and ensuring that there’s a record of who has access to what passwords.
–Amanda Killian, Project Manager, Flyleaf Creative

Medium Rare and Flyleaf share around 25 clients, each with domain registrar, hosting account, server login credentials, social media accounts, and a variety of third party services. Previously, retrieving a lost or updated password involved calling the one person who had access to all of the accounts, fretting about how to get the login info sent securely, and finally just sending it through email and hoping for the best.

Once we’ve got the folder set up, we transfer ownership of the folder to the client and explain that this is the record of all of the information they need for their website. If something ever happens to us, they’re covered. We remain as administrators on the folder to help manage the information that’s under our umbrella, but the client owns the folder and is responsible for it.
–Nathaniel Tubb, Developer, Medium Rare Interactive