Kitestrings Secure Password System

Complete password security for you, your clients, and your family requires more than just a safe place to store your passwords. Our solution will help you create the strongest possible passwords, store them securely without the need to remember them, access them securely from any device, and share them without risk of interception by hackers.

Create, store, and share passwords securely!


For Agencies For Financial Services

Secure to the core

Did you know that the average, six character  lowercase password can be cracked in seconds by an experienced hacker with nothing but a laptop? We use military-grade AES 256 encryption to encode your passwords while they are stored in our secure online facility. We couldn’t even crack them if we tried.
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Built for Sharing

Unlike other password managers, Kitestrings has been built for sharing passwords securely from the beginning. Share passwords individually or in groups (folders) as simply as typing in an email address. And if you need to make a change, you can quickly suspend or revoke a user’s access to anything in your control, from any device.
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Easy for you and your clients

Kitestrings was built by service pros for service pros and their clients. We understand how you work with clients, how you share information with them, even how you bill them. Everything about our solution, from our configurability to our pricing structure is designed to be simple to use and integrate with your business and communication processes.
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Pricing that works for your business

Whether you work in a large team or on your own, our flexible pricing structure is designed to be cost effective no matter how you work. Start for free, then pay by client, family group, user group, or whatever configuration works for you. And if someone shares a password with you, it’s always free for you.
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Access your passwords anywhere, anytime

If a password is easy enough to remember, it’s not secure from hackers. All you need is one master password, our multi-factor authentication, and the self discipline to change your master password regularly, and you can rest assured that the rest of your passwords will be safe and accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.
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Sensible password sharing for families

Securing how you create, store, and share passwords isn’t just for work. Think about how often you share passwords with your family, for your home network, online accounts and websites, bank accounts, Netflix, iTunes, even your home security system. How you sort passwords in Kitestrings is highly configurable, so you can share passwords with only the people who need them, whether it’s your spouse, kids, parents, in-laws, or crazy Aunt Hariet.
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