Whether you’re a solo professional, a growing team, an established firm, or a busy family, Kitestrings has pricing options to keep your secure password management as cost effective as possible. With Kitestrings, you’re charged by the number of shareable folders you need, as well as the size of your team. We give you room to grow without breaking your budget.

And remember, you can have unlimited folders for your personal use, and anyone you invite to share a password always gets access to it for free.

Try It For Free

Introductory Pricing

We’ve got special introductory pricing for our early adopters. A sharable folder is currently priced at $5/month, or $30/year. You can share that folder, or any of the stuff in it, with as many people as you need to. As we develop more features and see how people are using Kitestrings, this price will go up. But if you get onto a recurring billing plan, your price will be grandfathered in for as long as you keep paying for the folder.

Volume Discounts

We don’t have a volume discount plan in place yet, but if you’re looking at using a lot of folders for your organization (say, 50+), give us a call and we can work out special pricing.

Pilot Programs

We’re especially interested in learning about new markets. If you’re in an industry that might have a special use case for Kitestrings, we’d love to know about it. For the right fit, we’ll gladly do a pilot program and work closely with you to analyze your needs and help create a solution that works for you.