Kitestrings Downtime, August 25, 2017

Early in the day on Friday, August 25, Kitestrings experienced some down time. Thanks for your patience while we addressed the issue. For most users, the service should be back up and running. We have no reason to believe that data was at risk at any point during this process. This was an internal issue between the Heroku hosting platform and Kitestrings’ DNS configuration. We have no reason to believe any data was at risk during this process. All information indicates that this incident was strictly internal and failsafes worked as intended to prevent data from being vulnerable.

Some users that tried to access the service during the downtime may have continued issues due to time delays in DNS propagation. If this is the case, DNS settings may be cached locally on your own computer or within your network hardware, and if you don’t know how to flush that information from your system, it may take up to 48 hours to expire on its own. Unfortunately we can’t troubleshoot individual hardware issues, but it you do a search for “flush DNS cache” for your hardware type and/or operating system, you should be able to find information to help you with that process. An alternate workaround would be to connect via a different network – e.g. switching from Wifi to mobile data.

Here’s a summary of the technical details:

Heroku, the hosting platform that Kitestrings runs on, changed the way they handle SSL certificates, requiring that HTTPS traffic be routed through a specific domain name. This conflicted with our existing setup. As a result, the site could not be served with SSL/TLS until we changed our DNS configuration to match Heroku’s new requirements.