Change Your Twitter Password

What makes this particular security hack so interesting for us is that Twitter is one of the major services used by businesses that only lets you access the account with a single login per account. That’s exactly the type of situation that Kitestrings was designed for: your social media management team all need the new password, and that password needs to be shared to them securely. That’s exactly what we do!
So if you haven’t already, you should reset your Twitter password*. Then update it in Kitestrings so the rest of your team can securely get access to it when they need it.
*And by “reset your password,” of course I mean to use a long, randomly generated password that isn’t used on any of your other accounts. There are a few common points of resistance:
“I can’t remember a long random password!” – you don’t need to remember it. On an Apple device, put it in a secure note [Mac link] or on Windows in a secure Word document [], or use a password manager application like Kitestrings.
“It’s too hard to come up with a random password!” – that’s why we made this handy password generator []. No excuses! The default password length is 18, but I like increasing that to 21.
“I already use a long random password! It’s so super secure I use it for all my accounts!” – NOPE! If it’s on one account, it’s not secure if you use it on another account. As soon as someone gets your password from one service, they’re going to try every service they can think of. And they can think of most of them!