How well are you protecting your clients’ data?

Do the right thing and make their password security your priority.

Kitestrings Secure Password System

Create, store, and share passwords securely.

Password security: it’s your responsibility

Intercepting the simple passwords you share through email, social media, or text is a surefire way for hackers to gain control of online accounts. Stop putting yourself, your co-workers, clients, family, and friends at risk. Do the responsible thing and start creating, storing, and sharing your passwords with the military-grade security of the Kitestrings Secure Password System.


171Number of seconds it takes for a hacker to find out if you’ve used a simple word from the dictionary as your password.

>90 Percentage of user-generated passwords vulnerable to hacking. (Deloitte)

Break your bad password habits

Password security is about three things: the passwords you use, how you store them, and how you share them. If you can remember a password, someone can crack it. If you store or share it unsecured, someone can get access to it.


Secure Password System

Kitestrings SPS uses military-grade encryption and techniques to make sure the passwords you create, store, and share will not be intercepted by hackers. Passwords are encrypted on your computer or device before being stored in the Secure Password System.


Built for sharing

Unlike other password managers, Kitestrings was built from the ground up for sharing passwords securely. Share as simply as typing in an email address. You can quickly suspend or revoke a user’s access to anything in your control from any device.


Password Sharing for IT and Design Agencies

Your clients are everything. For them you write the cleanest code, design the best websites, make the most responsible decisions. So, why make them vulnerable to hackers? LEARN MORE

Password Sharing for Financial Services

Best practices and responsible decision making are at the core of your client services as a financial professional. Make sure you treat password security the same way. LEARN MORE

Kitestrings completely changed how we handle client passwords. Being early adopters of the beta made us realize how fully it became part of our workflow - occasionally when Kitestrings was offline for upgrades we were forced to go back to our old systems to track down client logins, and it was painful.

Anita Merk, Flyleaf Creative

Hey just wanted to let you know - the one thing that actually worked well while I was on vacation the past week was Kitestrings. It was so nice to have the passwords and access for the different companies I work with. Much faster and easier to use than my excel spreadsheet! Kitestrings made part of my having to work while on the holiday a bit easier to swallow.

Sherri-Lee Mathers, Certified Professional Bookkeeper

We have a dozen staff and 3 agencies who need varying degrees of access to 8 different web properties. Onboarding new staff was challenging, and remembering to change passwords when old staff left simply didn't happen. Kitestrings has helped us organize all of that. We're still not great at it, but at least now we know how to do it right!

Antonio Aiello, Content Director and Web Editor, PEN America